Hello, I’m Gianluca.

My passion for wood and its sound, smell and colour stems from my childhood spent watching my father’s woodworking.

I spend my time surrounded by exquisite woods and paints, and I like to experiment. In particular, I love combining wood with other materials to design and build musical instruments with a unique sound and shape that reflect the style and the soul of the musicians who buy them.

I make a variety of musical instruments such as

  • Electric guitars;
  • Classical guitars;
  • Acoustic guitars;
  • Electric basses;
  • Cigar box guitars;
  • Lap steel guitars.

I restore various instruments, including guitars, basses, mandolins, banjos and lap steel guitars.

I carry out maintenance and make adjustments, including setups, replacing fingerboard nuts, adjusting fret levels, restringing, binding work, improving electrics and electronics, neck resets, structural enhancement, repainting, refinishing and wood or mother of pearl inlay. I can also overhaul instruments, to enhance their appearance and performance.